Violent Demonstrations Are Completely Unacceptable

Limousine Burning During Anti-Trump Riots (Stefan Jeremiah/REX/Shutterstock/Google Images)

In the wake of the many decisions that the Trump Administration has made, as well as the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, there have been many peaceful demonstrations with people acting in accordance with their rights as protected by our constitution. To the contrary, there have also been riots in response to these decisions, as well as the Inauguration of President Donald Trump. Watching the news, you can see people smashing out windows, starting fires, and just generally wreaking havoc in the areas that these violent events have occurred. Violent demonstrations, or riots as they are called, are uncalled for and completely unacceptable.

Violent demonstrations are not a way to get positive results. The only results from violent demonstrations are potential injuries and fatalities, destruction of property, and deployments of law enforcement personnel as well as the National Guard. Let’s not forget that these violent activities cost the taxpayers a significant amount of money. Riots in recent years have cost the taxpayers well into the millions of dollars. Anytime events like these occur, there’s also lost revenue by the businesses who sustain damage. Businesses can’t be operational if they are burned to the ground. These establishments can’t do business if they have an angry mob threatening the safety of their employees, customers, etc. Do you think that is fair to the business owners? What do you think that does to the employees that work there? Is it fair to them that they lose wages, maybe even getting laid off due to the fact that their employer has to close up shop to rebuild? Most people have bills to pay and other responsibilities. It’s not fair to these people that they have to get behind financially because there are some of us who want to act like children and throw tantrums when we don’t get our way.

Chaos On The Streets Resulting From a Violent Demonstration (Flickr/Wikipedia Commons/Google Images)

Whenever a group of individuals resort to rioting, looting, and destroying other people’s property, it negatively represents the cause that they are attempting to represent. Instead of representing a particular cause as a group of activists, these individuals represent themselves as being nothing but violent criminals. Look at the bigger picture here, the average citizen watching the news is more than likely going to see the riots that are occurring before they see the videos of people peacefully protesting. That casts a shade on the cause that you are fighting for. That diminishes the support that you have for your cause, and quite frankly, it shows your stupidity. When people are arrested for engaging in this sort of behavior, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

There are ways to conduct yourself if you oppose a presidential administration, or decisions being made by government officials. If you disagree with what is going on, then make your displeasure known by protesting peacefully, contacting your local government representative, starting a movement, and voting. You can enact change without instilling fear and causing destruction in the community. People who cause this type of destruction do society more harm than good. Violent demonstrations accomplish absolutely nothing with the exception of making the participants of such behavior look foolish. Period.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

– John F. Kennedy

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